Who we are

We are a company that provides information services, consultation, and advice in the area of ​​security for goods through our global electronic platform and a worldwide network of consultants. Together the team aims at hindering free world trade of goods, objects, or valuables which were stolen or lost. This in turn allows the rightful owners or companies who insured their goods to be able to locate their good and have a choice of retrieving or selling it.

Our Services


We offer a tool consisting of a global electronic platform, which provides information and files on assets, objects or articles which have been stolen, robbed, or lost in different countries of the world, and which have been reported by their legitimate owners, insurance companies, local, national or international police offices, for those interested in buying or acquiring them, can previously consult and note in our platform, if that good, article or object, has or not, been reported for theft, robbery or lost, in any place or country in the world, thus avoiding the risk of losing their money, of infringing the law, and incurring in a crime of complicity that will make them face the justice of their country; additionally, it allows the purchaser, to demonstrate good faith/will in the purchase procedure, when our system gives them a certificate showing that prior to purchase, or adquisiton of the article, object or goods, the corresponding consultation was carried out, serving our certificate as conclusive proof of that,  and without a doubt, demonstrates the good faith of the acquirer or purchaser, in the operation, which is a mitigating factor in criminal matters, in almost all the laws of the countries of the world, to exempt and release of criminal responsibility to the people who have been involved in buying an object or article acquired by the seller, proceeds of a crime without knowing it and without the buyer knowing, the illegal origin of the same.


Our platform issues an alert to determine where (in the world) there has been a query that relates to an article, object, or good that has been stolen, robbed or misplaced, which allows you to identify the country or place where it is located, and be able to notify local police for its recovery.


Our platform is a link and connection, which allows the legitimate owners of assets, objects or items that have been stolen, lost or robbed, to locate and manage the return of the same, when they have been confiscated and insured by the different customs offices, police or courts of justice, because these institutions, by themselves, do not have the means and instruments in order to determine their origin and the location of its owner, which in many countries, those articles, goods or objects, end up deteriorating and being destroyed by the passage of time and the natural elements, or are destined for use in police, security, or local governments offices, by virtue of which its owner never claimed them.

Legal Services

To provide legal, customs and administrative advise, which would guide and advise the owner of an article, good or object, which was stolen, robbed or lost, so that they can make the administrative, legal actions, customs formalities, either for their recovery and transfer to their place of origin, or for the sale of the same and obtaining its value.

Costs of online services

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Good Faith Certificate
$5 per unit
The certificate also includes a mecanism to verify authenticity.
Notification service
$150 per unit per yearly
The owner of the record will be notified whenever a search that matches their register records occurs.

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